Table lamp

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A unique design that fits in any room of your home

Use your lamp to decorate a room, illuminate a meal or use it as a bedside lamp. Thanks to its wireless mode and its height of 26 cm, you can place your lamp wherever you want. Simply turn your lamp on or off using its touch switch.
Touch design lamp
Adjust the tone and intensity of your lamp
Lampe design tactile
Tapping the touch switch changes the light from white to neutral or warm. This way you can better set the mood of your room
By holding the button you will now be able to adjust the brightness of the lamp
Lamp Tone Change
Cable charging
Changement de tonalité de la lampe
The lamp can be easily recharged via a USB cable (included). To fully enjoy 10 hours of battery life, we recommend a minimum charge time of 4 hours.
Lamp quality

Qualité de la lampe